Through a structured theme-based curriculum we do a variety of arts and crafts, and science projects, focusing on dexterity and creativity. We use a preschool program that is designed for children ages 2-5. It is a pre-k readiness program that will help your child be prepared for kindergarten. Each day will include fun filled projects including worksheets and or crafts. Your child will learn how to cut, paste, match and use their imagination! We introduce 2-3 alphabet letters per month, 1-2 numbers, 1 color and 1 shape per month. The pride the kids show when giving their projects to the parents is so fun to watch.

Weekly Lesson Plans

We encourage children’s natural curiosity to explore the world around them. We have a weekly lesson plan which is age-appropriate and include the developmental areas of science, math, arts, language, literacy and writing. We have music twice a week, and we are involved with the program TLC. They come out and do projects with the children, and do some really cool activities. This is done by the Community Action agency and is well educated in early childhood development.

Motor Skills

We have outside time to help large and small muscle development. In addition to preparing your child for kindergarten, we strive to instill important values that help your child with their journey through life. Our day consists of a balance of teacher-guided and child initiated indoor and outdoor activities.


Your child will have the opportunity to build relationships and develop appropriate problem solving skills. We believe that children learn through play and learn through natural consequences. We strive to help build your child’s self esteem and encourage independence.

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