Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there an enrolment fee for my child?

Yes we charge a onetime enrolment fee of $50.00 for the first child.

How much do you charge for care?

We try and make our program affordable for Hillsboro parents. Your hard-earned money goes towards the education and training that comes along with being a child care provider and to help me offset the pay for a full time daycare assistant.  Moreover we strive to provide healthy meals and snacks. Our prices are about average for a high quality childcare. We try to keep costs affordable while still being able to offer high quality care & education.
Full time care prices: Please call for rates

What is certified family childcare?

Certified care is an exceptional choice that can provide your child with the benefits of both a center based care and family care. Certified homes are regulated like centers and have many of the same requirements. However, since we only take 16 children we are more family friendly, verses a center that can have up to 75 children enrolled. Every certified home goes through an annual certification process and is inspected by the childcare division and the county health department. The certifier also observes the staff working with children and will conduct unannounced visits during the year.

Are you accepting infants ages newborn- 2 years old?

Because we strive to give the children the best care possible and the best one on one care we don’t take more than 4 children under 2 years old at one time. Please call for current openings.

Do you have any openings?

Yes. We do have a few spots left. Please call for availability.

Do you have any animals?

Yes, we have 2. We have a golden retriever which is a very happy dog and loves the children, and a cute little Chihuahua. We have had both dogs since they were puppies for going on 9 years now. So they have been raised around a house full of children, they have also been very active in the children’s lives. We love animals. And the children love to play ball outside with them. The pets are never left alone with the children. As with any animal, adult supervision is always a must.

What meals do you provide? And how are they prepared?

We provide breakfast, lunch, morning snack, afternoon snack, and occasionally a small dinner, all which are healthy and homemade. These meals and snacks are regulated by the U.S.D.A. food program. We have strict guidelines that encourage healthy meals. There is a weekly menu posted so that you can see what is being served.

What are the staff’s credentials & training?

Our staff takes there education and training very serious. We have monthly training that we are required to attend. As well as continually taking child development related courses to help us fully understand what is going on with the children.
All staff must pass criminal history checks, they are 1st aid & CPR trained, food handlers card and are required to take 15 plus hours per year specializing in early childhood development, and infant care. This helps them give the best care possible for each and every child in care.

Do you have any children of your own?

Yes. I have 3 amazing children. They have grown-up in the daycare setting and love having other children in our home.

How do you screen your staff?

I personally check all their personal & work references. I also give them a 2 week trial period to see how they adjust to our environment. In that 2 week period I look for how they work and interact with the children, and how the children and parents interact with them. I make sure that every assistant is a good fit before hiring them.

How many children & what ages do you care for?

We have a mixed age group ranging from 4 months to 5yrs. Typically we separate our infants, but do come together for group activities. Such as dance, circle time, and eating. We feel that the mixed age group is important in early childhood development. As always we strive for safety with our children, so we do keep our little non-walkers from our walkers. We are licensed for up to 16 kids.

How do you discipline a child?

We use a positive discipline approach to aid with inappropriate behavior. Children will learn to make choices and begin to understand the natural or logical consequence of their actions. There are many positive discipline strategies that we use based on the age and personality of each individual child. Time out is rarely used. As we feel that timeouts do not teach a child natural consequences. We feel that children learn from positive reinforcement and strive to encourage positive behavior when disciplining the children.

What would my child be doing on a typical day?

There is a daily schedule posted in my center that all the parents have access too. This has times of when we do activities, quiet time and meal times. We try to follow this schedule, but it is not set in stone. When working with a mixed age group the schedule has to be somewhat flexible.  I believe that schedules are very important in the children’s world. When children know what to expect, this helps them feel a little more in control of their lives. When a child knows what to expect and when to expect it, it helps to avoid bad behavior & keeps our day running smoother.

How do I know how my child’s day went or what they ate, etc?

We send daily reports home.. I will admit our days can get busy & we don’t always get a chance to write it out for parents to see. We will let you know verbally at pick-up if there were any concerns that we had with your child’s health, or any other info that we think you should know about your child’s day. I feel that it is more personal when you speak to the parents in person, this way if there are any questions or concerns they can be addressed then. We have a daily log of how many times you’re infant / toddler was changed during the day.

How often are toys cleaned or replaced?

Infant toys are cleaned daily or whenever needed. Toddler/preschool toys are sprayed down with a safe disinfecting solution on a daily basis. We do have a dirty toy tub so when something goes in the mouth, we try and get it when the child sets it down and place it in the dirty toy tub. Those are washed on a daily basis as well. Toys are replaced or repaired when broken.

How much T.V. time do the children get?

We believe that we are not paid for your children to sit in front of the TV. We feel that children can watch T.V. at their own homes and that frequent T.V. watching is not appropriate for daycare. We offer some morning TV time before breakfast. But that usually is the only time the TV is turned. We do have a special “Movie and popcorn day on Fridays. I also let the older children play some fun learning games on the computer. No more than 1 hour a day.

How do I refer you to friends & family?

Give them my business card, phone number, or email. If they sign up you get a daycare credit. I love referrals and get most of my business through this.

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